March 3, 2012

Forbidden or Just Bitter?

I like idioms. Always have. Always will. But I have a particular aversion for one. "You're comparing apples to oranges." I know what it means but that doesn't make me me hate it any less. What good does it do to say that? Are they not both fruit? Are they not both a joy to devour once ripe for the picking? Both are round, sweet and juicy and is that where the similarities end? One keeps the doctor away. The other has no rhyme but plenty of reason. If one is sour, simply pick another off the tree. I suppose it's a matter of taste. Pulp vs. Pectin. Rind over smooth skin. This Apple/Orange thing never bothered me much until a burning question seared a hole through my soul. Which one was I? Fortunately, to one who appreciates an overflowing cornucopia, it matters not.